Session 2

Jr. Science Searchers – Completing Kindergarten

From Dinosaurs to Tropical Rainforests 

Don your paleontologist hat for dinosaur explorations! Hatch a dinosaur egg, while considering carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Ponder the continental drift. Construct fossils and explore body types and teeth structures of dinosaurs. How did they evolve in the different geologic periods and what made them extinct? Then join the ‘safari’ as we locate tropical rainforests on a map. Why is the rainforest important? How do plants, as well as animals like monkeys, bats and frogs, survive? What spices would you find? Make your own spice blend. What other rainforest resources do we use every day? Lots of hands-on activities and projects.


Ancient Academy – Completing Grades 3-8

Medieval Times: From Peasant to Crown

Can you barter your way from peasantry to royalty? Investigate the feudal system: Will you be granted a fiefdom or serve as a knight or lady-in-waiting at court? Make and play games of nobility: Nine Man Morris and Alquerque. Design your own heraldic banner and create medieval costumes. Who will be knighted at the knighting ceremony? ‘Live’ the legends of Beowulf and Arthur, the life and times of Hildegard of Bingen. Join the infamous sheep-stealing game and face the whims of Fortune’s Wheel! Wither thou goest, fair maiden or noble knight? To medieval times!


GRC’s Space Academy – Completing Grades 1-5

Return to the Moon: Lunar Living & Leisure

How will you design your mission to the moon? When you get there, the lander will support you for about three months. Can you build a habitat in that timeframe with limited fuel? Explore your environment: What sports could moon colonists enjoy in 1/6th gravity, and how would you have to change the sport? Examine (simulated) moon rocks; how KREEP-y are they? How can we work with other countries to test the physics of toys in space? Create your own rescue robot (using LEGO robotic materials) to avoid craters. Use the scientific method to bust myths about space. Build and launch your own rocket.


GRC’s Advanced Space Academy – Completing Grades 6-8

Return to the Moon: Outposts & Orbiting

Join the GRC cislunar orbital outpost ‘mission’! How will you build an orbiting habitat? Consider power, propulsion, logistics, and other technical and mission capabilities. Find a lunar landing site for probe missions, and experiment with engineering and geological phenomena. Can we beat the SpaceX/Boeing companies or work with other countries to capture the flag in space? Experiment with robotic engineering with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 materials, then move your rovers according to mapped coordinates. Design, build and launch rockets.


Academy Themes Connect With Physical Training

An integral part of each Summer Academy experience, our physical training (PT) is no ordinary play time. Activities are directly linked to each Summer Academy. For example, in Math, Marvels & More, enjoy scooterboard math games and cooperative math aerobics. Space cadets will use teamwork in their cooperative games as they prepare for space travel. No matter the era or interest, PT always spells F-U-N!

$490 per 2-week session

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