GRC’s Space Academy

Space Academy

Completing Grades 1-5

Session 2 – June 24-July 5

Return to the Moon: Lunar Living & Leisure

How will you design your mission to the moon? When you get there, the lander will support you for about three months. Can you build a habitat in that timeframe with limited fuel? Explore your environment: What sports could moon colonists enjoy in 1/6th gravity, and how would you have to change the sport? Examine (simulated) moon rocks; how KREEP-y are they? How can we work with other countries to test the physics of toys in space? Create your own rescue robot (using LEGO robotic materials) to avoid craters. Use the scientific method to bust myths about space. Build and launch your own rocket.


Session 3 – July 8-19

Beyond the Moon: Sailing into Space

Equip your ‘cislunar outpost’ as a launch site to explore the planets, moons and space-time continuum. Can you use solar sails to propel your spacecraft? Construct scientific instruments to support your work. How do astronomers use the electromagnetic spectrum to explore outer space? Explore the phenomenon of two black holes that crashed into each other and merged, creating gravitational waves. Program your LEGO robotic rover to assist in you experiments. Construct and launch our own rocket.


Advanced Space Academy

Completing Grades 6-8

Session 2 – June 24-July 5

Return to the Moon: Outposts & Orbiting

Join the GRC cislunar orbital outpost ‘mission’! How will you build an orbiting habitat? Consider power, propulsion, logistics, and other technical and mission capabilities. Find a lunar landing site for probe missions, and experiment with engineering and geological phenomena. Can we beat the SpaceX/Boeing companies or work with other countries to capture the flag in space? Experiment with robotic engineering with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 materials, then move your rovers according to mapped coordinates. Design, build and launch rockets.


Session 3 – July 8-19

Beyond the Moon: Science of Lunar Launching

What are the scientific implications of building a launch site on the moon? Is it scientifically more viable to build the parts on earth and transport them? How will ion propulsion help? Once you’ve ‘launched’ from the moon, explore potential habitable conditions of other planets. How would space weather affect astronauts traveling to or living on distant planets? How can we recycle carbon dioxide to create energy on another planet? Design, build, launch and evaluate the performance of your own rocket, and use LEGO Mindstorm EV3 materials to design robots for the ‘heavy lifting’ in your day-to-day work. Will you beat the Europa Clipper or the Mars 2020 Rover?

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