Math, Marvels & More

Math, Marvels & More!

Completing Grades K-2

Session 1 – June 10-21

Adding Light to the Subject

Bend, bounce and break light! Get a fractured view of the world as you make bug-eye glasses so you can ‘see’ what our insect friends see. How is a kaleidoscope like a bug’s eye? Experiment with a chemical reaction that creates light. Design a laser maze to explore reflecting light. Manipulate everyday materials to discover the possibilities of chance results. Collect, organize and analyze data from racing frogs to playing PIG. Experience math adventures where “almost” is often close enough: can we apply logic here?! Explore patterns and color through an enchanted garden. Add your own brilliant bug creations that change colors in the sun! Is their camouflage as effective as that in nature? Design a shadow city silhouette. Focus on a little light science – but certainly not science lite!

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