Math, Marvels & More

Math, Marvels & More!

Completing Grades K-2

Session 1 – June 8 – 19

Equations, Energy & ExpressionsMMM

It’s going to be a positively electric summer! In science, explore the physics of force, motion and electrical circuits. Launch airplanes, rockets, cars and wind-powered sailboats to experiment with Newton’s laws. Search for hidden treasure with magnetoscopes, and crash Hot Wheels™ cars to unravel clues about force in motion. In math, send numbers dancing across your mind! Solve algebraic equations with variables, race for answers in an Integer Bee, or try the game of Hando to see how ‘variable’ you are! Locate ‘treasures’ on a giant Cartesian graph. In creative expression, experiment with music and movement, craft and motion; how about 4-D art? Generate music and song as you use the forces of motion and wind to make musical instruments. Create zany, interactive designs and transmit your energy into art! An electrifying two weeks of high-wattage fun!

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