ECO Academy

ECO Academy

Completing Grades 3-8

Session 1 – June 13 – 24, 2022

NOTE: The 3rd & 4th grade section of this camp is FULL. There are still a few spaces for 5th – 8th graders.

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Laundering money?? No, but you will handle all the real-world aspects of your new soap-making business: finance, sales, marketing & production.

How is soap made? Learn about saponification and analyze the impact of perfumes, dyes and detergents on water quality. How can we filter those out? What are low-impact ways to create a high-impact product?

Examine cash flow and stock distributions (and play the Stock Market Game!). Consider environmentally friendly ways to market, package and distribute your soaps.

What will your sustainable business model look like? Scientific inquiry, advertising art, decision-making skills, financial and mathematical interests – bring any and all of these talents to ECO Academy!

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