ECO Academy

ECO Academy

Completing Grades 3-8

Session 1 – June 14 – 25

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Do you like to make money and, at the same time, do you feel a twinge of ecological responsibility? Incorporate the ethics of ecology, the ethics of business, and your own entrepreneurial goals. Consider a sustainable business model that will help preserve the environment for future generations and make money for your investors. How much financial backing can you acquire through stock sales? Take your business from financial planning to marketing to production and sales. Find environmentally friendly ways to market our product. Engage in the ‘stock market,’ excel at online math, produce digital media marketing tools, and dig into environmental science by exploring soil composition, invasive species, and using pollinators to save our earth! Tap your own environmental energy and power a world of business change on our team! Scientific inquiry, advertising art, decision-making skills, financial and mathematical interests – all in a day’s work for the ECO in YOU!

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