Academy Americana

Academy Americana

Completing Grades 1-3

Session 3 – July 12 – 23

Pack Your Wagon for the Trail West!
Grab your gear, whittle down your stock, and get ready:  We’re heading west!  Use an authentic packing list from an 1800s wagon train, and pack your own “Conestoga wagon.” 

What games will you play on the trail? Will you make it to Oregon or die of dysentery? What if you already lived out west? What was your life and culture like?

From trailblazing to homesteading, experience pioneer living, as they made butter, clothing, toys, quilts and crafts.

Be part of the Gold Rush: Will you strike it rich? Explore the diaries of pioneers like Lewis and Clark and their guide, Sacagawea. Will their journals give us clues as we try modern-day geocaching? Seek your fortune in the frontier!

As Missouri turns 200 in 2021, how will we celebrate? How will Missouri’s past shape our future?

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