Ancient Academy

Ancient Academy

Completing Grades 3-8

Session 2 – June 24-July 5

Medieval Times: From Peasant to Crown

Can you barter your way from peasantry to royalty? Investigate the feudal system: Will you be granted a fiefdom or serve as a knight or lady-in-waiting at court? Make and play games of nobility: Nine Man Morris and Alquerque. Design your own heraldic banner and create medieval costumes. Who will be knighted at the knighting ceremony? ‘Live’ the legends of Beowulf and Arthur, the life and times of Hildegard of Bingen. Join the infamous sheep-stealing game and face the whims of Fortune’s Wheel! Wither thou goest, fair maiden or noble knight? To medieval times!


Session 3 – July 8-19

Medieval Times: From Castle to Village

Learn the mysteries of a castle keep. Did your ancestor build the keep when he served in the stonemason guild? Join a guild yourself and experience the everyday life of a medieval artisan. Train as an apprentice and master your craft, from architect to armorer to tailor, scribe or actor. Your role as a peasant will have its rewards with a street fair! Celebrate with food, fanfare and frolic! Practice Gothic calligraphy. ‘Relive’ the Canterbury Tales of Everyman play, or tell your own tale of knights in shining armor.

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