Ancient Academy

Ancient Academy

Completing Grades 3-8

Session 2 – June 22 – July 2Ancient

Ancient Rome:  Arts, Architecture & Innovation
Do togas, testudo formations and mosaics capture your imagination? Let’s plunge into ancient Rome! Explore the incredible strength and genius of Roman architecture: Why are Roman aqueducts still standing? How did the trap doors of the Colosseum work? Did the Romans create the original Internet? Consider your role in Roman society: Will your position allow you a seat at Circus Maximus? Feast at a modern-day restaurant with ancient Roman inspiration. Try playwriting like Plautus, using plays on words and riddles. Who can sing in Latin?


Session 3 – July 6 – 17

Ancient Rome: Heroes, Gods & Emperors
Political upheaval and senate filibusters: Life in the USA? It’s ‘everyday life’ in ancient Rome! ‘Live’ as a patrician, plebeian or Roman slave, and explore the mythology, writing and public speaking accomplishments of this great culture. Would the great Roman orators be today’s YouTube stars? What was Julius Caesar’s strategy when surrounded by the Gallic army at Alesia? Which gods and political leaders were immortalized in mosaics? Visit one of the world’s largest collections of mosaics, then create your own design. Feast at a festival for Fortuna, goddess of fortune and chance; will the goddess favor you with luck that is fickle, fair or foul?

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