Laurie Senol, M.D.

LSenolMD_6851_162Laurie Senol has been involved with gifted advocacy since her children were found to be gifted when they were 3 years old and 5 years old. Her daughter was in the Parkway school district gifted program and her son was in PEGS (program for exceptionally gifted students) in the Lindbergh School district. She has been co-president of SAGE (St. Louis assciation of gifted education) for more than 10 years. Laurie lives in Ballwin.


“I really enjoy advocating for gifted children/teens/adults. I have learned a lot from raising two gifted children and being very involved in SAGE(Saint Louis Association of Gifted Education). My children participated in GRC Saturday classes as well as summer camps. I feel that GRC is a major asset for gifted children in Saint Louis.”

“Both of my children have used the resources of GRC and I see the need of GRC not only for my children, but for all gifted children in the area. I’m interested in helping navigate the organization in best servicing the special needs of gifted children and providing access to gifted education both inside and out of the classroom.”