Session 2

Jr. Science Searchers – Completing Kindergarten

From Outer Space to Ocean Depths

Explore the sun, moon, planets and stars! Develop the surface of the moon; look at its sea, volcanoes and Apollo landings, and build your own miniature ‘moon rover.’ How far can you jump on the moon? Calculate your weight on other planets. Harness the energy of the sun in your solar oven to roast toasty marshmallows. Then plunge into the mysteries of the ocean. Meet sea animals, large and small, friendly and dangerous. How do their babies live? Make edible aquariums. How is a coral reef like a giant apartment building? Clean up a mini oil spill and find out how we can protect the ocean.

Ancient Academy – Completing Grades 3-8

Greek Social Life: Architecture, Ideas & Arts

Celebrate the Greek tradition! Explore the Iliad, with its epic characters Agamemnon and Achilles: king vs. a hero, a bully vs. a thinker? Will you consult the Oracle of Delphi about your battle or social plans? Reason with Plato, argue ethics with Aristotle, or challenge Socrates to a battle of wits. Was he leading youth astray? Try your hand at Greek architecture and sculpture, making hydria or skyphos vessels used for liquids, or other Grecian treasures! Untangle the family tree and hierarchy of the Greek gods, as we explore the influences and intrigues of this ancient world!

GRC’s Space Academy – Completing Grades 1-5

Sci-Fi to Real Life: Taking the Present to the Future

Would you design a futuristic spaceship to look like the first known interstellar asteroid Oumuamua or more like the Star Wars First Order Dreadnought? What would be the advantages of its shape? Construct scientific instruments that bend and manipulate light. How do astronomers use the electromagnetic spectrum to explore outer space? Perform experiments that answer questions about life in space. Program a robotic rover using LEGO® materials. Build your own rocket: Will it be a diversionary tactic for possible extraterrestrial life forms you ‘encounter’? Use the scientific method to bust myths about space.

GRC’s Advanced Space Academy – Completing Grades 6-8

Sci-Fi to Real Life: Meeting Up at the Juncture of Science

BB-8 and R2D2 are helpful to the rebel cause, but is an intelligent robot really a good idea or a mistake? Does EmDrive bring us closer to warp drive? What other sci-fi stories are coming to life? How does the collision of two neutron stars advance the study of gravitational waves? Create an invention useful in space; how can we spin that off for use on earth? Think remote controls, Velcro, cinch bags and memory foam. Design a sci-fi space vehicle; how different is it from reality? What if your vehicle fails and you are stuck somewhere in flight? Will your engineering skills with LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 robotics help? Design, build, launch and evaluate the performance of your own rocket.

Academy Themes Connect With Physical Training

An integral part of each Summer Academy experience, our physical training (PT) is no ordinary play time. Activities are directly linked to each Summer Academy. For example, in Math, Marvels & More, enjoy scooterboard math games and cooperative math aerobics. Space cadets will use teamwork in their cooperative games as they prepare for space travel. No matter the era or interest, PT always spells F-U-N!

$490 per 2-week session

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