GRC’s Space Academy

Space Academy

Completing Grades 1-5

Session 2 – June 25-July 6

Sci-Fi to Real Life: Taking the Present to the Future

Would you design a futuristic spaceship to look like the first known interstellar asteroid Oumuamua or more like the Star Wars First Order Dreadnought? What would be the advantages of its shape? Construct scientific instruments that bend and manipulate light. How do astronomers use the electromagnetic spectrum to explore outer space? Perform experiments that answer questions about life in space. Program a robotic rover using LEGO® materials. Build your own rocket: Will it be a diversionary tactic for possible extraterrestrial life forms you ‘encounter’? Use the scientific method to bust myths about space.


Session 3 – July 9-20

Missions Possible: Past, Present & Future – Travel through the Galaxy

What if your future mission is traveling through a wormhole? How will you survive the high radiation and ‘exotic’ matter? Could you develop a robotic probe using LEGO® materials to test some of the challenges? How will the probe help in your explorations and mission safety? Design a space station for travel in the galaxy. Consider life support, communications and solar power. Experiment with magnets to consider ‘radiation’ and magnetospheric impact on our new base. What survival gear do you need? How will you feed guests? Construct and launch your own rocket; will the space authorities intercept your renegade mission?

Advanced Space Academy

Completing Grades 6-8

Session 2 – June 25-July 6

Sci-Fi to Real Life: Meeting Up at the Juncture of Science

BB-8 and R2D2 are helpful to the rebel cause, but is an intelligent robot really a good idea or a mistake? Does EmDrive bring us closer to warp drive? What other sci-fi stories are coming to life? How does the collision of two neutron stars advance the study of gravitational waves? Create an invention useful in space; how can we spin that off for use on earth? Think remote controls, Velcro, cinch bags and memory foam. Design a sci-fi space vehicle; how different is it from reality? What if your vehicle fails and you are stuck somewhere in flight? Will your engineering skills with LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 robotics help? Design, build, launch and evaluate the performance of your own rocket.


Session 3 – July 9-20

Missions Possible: Past, Present & Future – Adventure through Space

Are you part of the Mars 100, scheduled for a mission to the red planet? What preparation do you need? How do you even pack for years in space? Will you return to earth? Examine the research from NASA’s study of the Kelly twins; what physiological implications exist for long-term space travel? Work with a team from ‘other countries’ to design a mission to a point in the solar system. Consider the Juno mission: How can we apply information about Jupiter’s origins, structure, atmosphere and magnetosphere? Can you program LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 to assist your exploration? Build a rocket, launch it and analyze the results.

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