Ancient Academy

Ancient Academy

Completing Grades 3-8

Session 2 – June 25-July 6

Greek Social Life: Architecture, Ideas & Arts

Celebrate the Greek tradition! Explore the Iliad, with its epic characters Agamemnon and Achilles: king vs. a hero, a bully vs. a thinker? Will you consult the Oracle of Delphi about your battle or social plans? Reason with Plato, argue ethics with Aristotle, or challenge Socrates to a battle of wits. Was he leading youth astray? Try your hand at Greek architecture and sculpture, making hydria or skyphos vessels used for liquids, or other Grecian treasures! Untangle the family tree and hierarchy of the Greek gods, as we explore the influences and intrigues of this ancient world!


Session 3 – July 9-20

Greek Party Life: Feasting, Festivals & Philosophy

Live the Greek high life as we recreate the Festival of Dionysius, food, fun and all! Join the thespians or be crowned a patron of the arts. Make masks, costumes and props for Greek tragedy and comedy. Explore the original sci-fi epic, the Odyssey, with strange monsters and weird situations facing our hero Odysseus! It’s the ‘eating-est’ epic in history! Did Alexander the Great follow Homer’s battle strategies? Can you write using the Greek alphabet? There’s always time for mayhem among the gods! Slave, free, stoic, cynic? Claim your role and experience the textures of everyday life in ancient Greece!

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