Academic Challenge Cup



Monday, Feb. 28 – Equations – 6th – 8th grades
Tuesday, Mar. 1 – Equations – 3rd – 5th grades
Wednesday, Mar. 2 – LinguiSHTIK & Creative Convention

Gifted Resource Council sponsors Academic Challenge Cup, a series of friendly academic competitions in math, language skills, and creative problem solving for St. Louis area students in grades 2 – 8. Academic Challenge Cup is held at University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL).

We know things are still in flux for many school districts, but we are planning to host ACC the week of Feb. 28 at UMSL. Masks will be required for all attendees. Cost is $90 per team of five.

The games all have one thing in common: they teach children how to think, not what to think.

goldstar Equations (grades 3; 4; 5; 6; 7-8) – A game of creative math that provides players with practice in arithmetic operations and assists in developing an understanding of number concepts, number systems, factors and primes, order of operations, and simple algebraic equations.ECF-boeing-logo

goldstar LinguiSHTIK (grades 4-5) – An open-ended language game involving many aspects of English – vocabulary, word functions, grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Players use letters on cubes to form words and make “demands” on other players.

goldstar Creative Convention (grades 2-4) – This competition requires no advance preparation other than practice in creative problem-solving and working as a team.

Equations and LinguiSHTIK players compete against people from other teams in several rounds. The five team members’ scores are calculated collectively to determine team winners.

Creative Convention teams of five work together to develop, design and construct a solution to a lifestyle problem; teams are scored on teamwork and creative problem solving.

Students learn to compete with the help of teachers and parents who coach interested students by playing the game and providing strategic tips.  Free workshops are available for parents and teachers to learn the challenging games of Academic Challenge Cup. To take a workshop, please call the GRC Office at (314) 962-5920 to register.

  • Creative Convention Workshop: Oct. 30 at 2:30 OR Nov. 3 from 4:30 – 6:00 at GRC Office
  • LinguiSHTIK Workshop:  Oct. 23 at GRC Office
  • Equations Workshop:  Oct. 30 at 2:00 OR Nov. 4 at 4:30 at GRC Office

More information for those interested in registering a team can be found at the registration link above or by calling the GRC office at 314.962.5920 or email us at

Dates for 2022 are:
UMSL:  Feb. 28 – March 2

Official LinguiSHTIK Rules 2020 – Still in use for 2022

Official Equations Rules – 2022 – (Same as rules for 2020)

Official Practice Scoresheet Sample