About Us

Gifted Resource Council was founded in 1983, as a non-profit organization. From the beginning, GRC’s mission was to bring together the resources of the community, the schools and parents to help bright and talented children achieve their potential. GRC grew into an organization that serves the St. Louis community with three major programs: Academic Challenge Cup (friendly competitions in the areas of math, language skills and creative problem solving), Saturday Learning Labs and Summer Academies.

In addition, GRC offers parenting classes, workshops for teachers, and telephone advice to assist adults in meeting the needs of gifted children. GRC’s goal is to provide support for children and their families to enable young people to enhance their abilities – both academic and interpersonal – and fulfill their potential.

GRC’s programs engage 2,500 students each year with exciting, hands­ on learning experiences stressing collaboration more than individual learning. Gifted Resource Council programs help children learn HOW to think, rather than teaching WHAT to think.

All GRC programs offer bright children the opportunity, often for the first time, to work with other such talented children.  Gifted Resource Council instructors emphasize cooperation, teamwork and the process of learning.