Parenting Workshops

Parenting and the Gifted Child

11:10 – 12:40

Four sessions will focus on the special needs and development of the gifted child. While your child is enjoying his or her class, adults may join us at 11:10 a.m. for discussion with the following speakers:

February 9 – Nurturing Passions without Pressuring the Gifted
with Dr. Agnes Meyo

February 16 – Helping Your Child Think: A Gift that Will Keep on Giving
with John Yunker

February 23 – Emotional Intelligence: How to Enhance Your Child’s EI
with Dr. Valerie Yancey

March 2 – My Child is Gifted! Now What?
with Nancy Bonn-Winkler

Fee: $20 per class session; Series is $80/individual or $100/couple
FREE to current GRC members

To sign up for an Adults Only class or, for more information, please call 314.962.5920 or email us at