Learning Labs


Winter Learning Labs 2021

Read the descriptions below or download the full brochure. Register by filling out the form in the brochure or calling the office at (314) 962-5920.

Advanced Robotics Using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Kits
Grades 4–8    9:30 – 11:00
Develop your creativity and coding skills by making LEGO robots!  Build and program working robots which respond to your commands as well as information from their environments. You can even design your own robot from scratch! Using laptops, you’ll program your creation using multiple sensors, motors and intelligence units. Each student will work with his/her own robotics kit and computer, and be given a chance to share and compare discoveries and creations with peers.
Instructor:  Lisa Hummel

*Architecture Meets Mythology, Oceania
Grades 1 & 2   9:30 – 11:00   Grades 3–5     11:15 – 12:45
A continuation of our popular fall course! Investigate places like Micronesia and Australia and discover the Maori monster Taniwha and the aboriginal rainbow serpent. Build structures like island tree houses and Easter Island statues. There will be different topics each week. Plus, students will be creating an art project based on each one! It’s mythology, art and architecture all rolled into one!
Instructor:  Lisa Bader

*Battlelore of the High Seas
Grades 4–8       11:15 – 12:45
Civilizations have been battling on the oceans since boats were invented. Explore the tactics and strategy of naval operations from the Bronze Age through World War II. How have techniques (and technology) changed? Construct weaponry, shields, ships, and a windjammer. Imagine a recipe for Greek Fire and invent countermeasures. A different era will be explored each week.
Instructor:  Art Koenig

*City of the Future
Grades 3-5   9:30 – 11:00
The world is constantly changing! What will a city look like in a few hundred years? How would you create a city of the future? Explore the concepts of government (write your own charter!), city planning (how will you balance housing and business?), architecture (what will future buildings look like?), transportation (how will people get around?) – you may even devise your own ideas about money, fashion and sports/entertainment. The sky’s the limit as you combine the practical and the fantastical in your City of the Future!
Instructor:  Hannah Noack-Ruebling

*Drawing Comics
Grades 2-6   11:15 – 12:45
Like to doodle & sketch? Interested in comics & manga? Grab a pencil and paper and improve your skills from the fundamentals on up. Starting with basic shapes and patterns, you’ll also explore faces, expression, movement, clothing, shading and more! Picture yourself becoming a better artist!
Instructor:  Chuck Baker

* Even More Drawing with Math
Grades 3–5    11:15 – 12:45
This popular class is back with all new activities! We’re going to keep looking at the connections between math and art! How does the Pythagorean Theorem relate to art? What’s the math connection in optical illusions? Learn how math can be creative and art can be analytical! You’ll spend lots of time creating with hands-on activities incorporating math concepts.
Instructor:  Hannah Noack-Ruebling

Experimenting with the Science of Space
Grades 3–5   11:15 – 12:45
Humanity’s comprehension of the universe and our ability to explore outer space require knowledge of important scientific principles, laws and processes. Experiment with one or more of these concepts each week and learn how they help astronauts, astronomers, engineers and cosmologists. Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion by designing and testing balloon rockets and try egg spinning! Perform some surprising experiments with atmospheric pressure – would it be different on other planets? Discover important properties of light through reflection, refraction, and diffraction using lasers, mirrors, prisms, and feathers. How do these phenomena power scientific instruments like telescopes and spectrometers?
Instructor:  Lisa Hummel

Legends, Castles & Mythology
Grades 3–8         9:30 – 11:00
Investigate truths and exaggerations over time through some of the liveliest legends and myths. What does King Arthur have to do with the Epic of Gilgamesh? What if the Greek and Roman gods/goddesses went head to head in battle? How are the Egyptian gods similar? Explore the Fortress at Buhen, the Walls of Hattusa and European castles. Try your hand at writing in cuneiform.
Instructor:  Art Koenig

Make a Move! (Beginning Chess)
Open Ages/Grades    11:15 – 12:45
Chess develops problem-solving skills, flexible thinking, logical reasoning and good sportsmanship. Everyone should at least know the basics! In this beginning class, learn how the pieces move, game rules including castling and the in passing rule and the basics of developing pieces, simple tactics such as pins and forks, queening pawns and basic checkmates.
Instructor: Stephen Randoll

Put Yourself in the (Statistics) Game!
Grades 4–6    9:30 – 11:00
Love to track sports statistics and analyze the game? What if you were the athlete? How can you use statistics to improve your own performance? Throw a ball and analyze trajectory, position and velocity graphs. Then determine the best path for a basketball shot. Perform simple activities – jump, run, etc. – and create Google spreadsheets, graphs and algebraic equations to set goals for improvement and predict future success! Join this sports “lab” to get to the heart of statistics: ranges, means, box plots, histograms and more!
Instructor:  Chuck Baker

*STEAM Scavenger Hunt
Ages 4–5    9:30 – 11:00
Ages 5–6    11:15 – 12:45
Map skills! Math skills! Creative crafts and murals! Each week a treasure hunt will focus on one (or more) aspects of STEAM. Students will plot map points, draw their own maps, and create items to help them overcome various obstacles along the way (for example, if there’s a river to cross, use materials to create a bridge). One week students may be “Going on a Bear Hunt” and the next they’ll be studying maps of St. Louis. STEAM skills definitely mark the spot!
Instructor:  Kristin Soifer

Storytellers of the Tabletop! A New Campaign
Jan. 28 – March 4  (Thursdays!)
Grades 5 – 12 4:30 – 6:00
Our first Dungeons & Dragons class was so popular, it’s been extended twice! If you missed out on it, we’re opening up a whole new campaign, so more adventurers can experience D&D.  During this online class, you’ll create characters, solve problems and fight monsters with nothing but a character sheet and your imagination! The focus will be communication-heavy collaborative storytelling, teamwork and relationship building through social play and lots of creative fun! No additional books or items or required, although students might want a physical set of dice to roll.  Limited to 6 students.
Instructor:  Hollis Moore

Tournament Tactics!
Open Ages/Grades    9:30 – 11:00
In this class, designed for students who have already taken our beginner class or have equivalent experience, students will prepare for getting involved in tourna-ment play. Learn about tournament rules such as touch move, tactical openings such as gambits, and aggressive plays such as Chigorin’s Defense and the Sicilian Defense. Learning tactical openings can lead to quick wins, in addition to develping better board vision.
Instructor: Stephen Randoll


For information about GRC Learning Labs or to request a brochure, please call 314.962.5920 or email us at info@giftedresourcecouncil.org.