Brian Button


Brian Button is Technical Director of Engineering at Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions. He has been a long-time fixture in the technology world in St. Louis, pioneering new software development and managerial practices in most of the area’s largest companies. He currently lives in Ballwin with his wife Sharon and son Andrew. He also has two older children living in Clayton and Chicago.



“I’m interested in helping provide educational opportunities to gifted children, especially those who do not know they are gifted. There is a tremendous opportunity to widen the reach of the GRC into underserved areas by seeking out those children whose educational, social, end community backgrounds make it more difficult for them to be identified as gifted. We can bring this gift of education, confidence, and pride to students who may otherwise never be aware of their talents.

I’d also like to help the board grow the diversity and inclusivity of its makeup, and the makeup of the volunteers, educators, and students. The programs and participants of the GRC should match the diverse nature of those whom they serve, to provide everyone both a wider set of experiences and a new source of opinions.”