Angie Bader


angie.bader_TinyAngie currently serves as the Manager of Treasury Services for Unigroup. She is responsible for daily cash position and transactions, cash forecasting and maintenance of Stock records.  She has also served as Treasury Manager for Gardner Capital (Sept 2017 thru June 2019) where she was responsible for monitoring and maintaining daily cash position and processing all cash transactions and debt compliance.  She also held several important positions at CSI (July 1990 thru August 2017) including VP-Lease Administration  (2000-2009) VP and Assistant Treasurer (2009 -2017). Her responsibilities included budgeting, forecasting, expense control and policy compliance, and cash management.

“I am excited to serve on the Board of Gifted Resource Council and give back to the community,” she said. “Bright children are often overlooked when extra educational resources are distributed because, some argue, ‘those kids can figure it out on their own.’ I disagree. The expectations of gifted children are often much higher, but they are still children.  They need guidance and assistance to help them fit into their environment that may see them differently and in which they may appear to be socially awkward. GRC meets those critical needs.”